Evil Glitch

Assault', an adrenaline-pumping arcade shoot 'em up 2D game. As strange glitches threaten to assimilate your world, you must take control of a powerful defender equipped with cutting-edge technology and lightning-fast reflexes.

Navigate the vibrant, pixelated landscapes using AWSD keys, while precision aiming with the mouse allows you to target and obliterate glitch invaders with devastating firepower. Left-click to unleash a barrage of attacks, shredding through glitch formations with precision. When overwhelmed, utilize your last resort: right-click to activate warptime, slowing down the chaos and giving you a crucial edge in battle.

Challenge yourself to climb the ranks and dominate the leaderboards by posting your high scores on Twitter with the hashtag #evilGlitch, and see how you stack up against other defenders from around the world.

Will you stand as the guardian of your dimension, or will the glitches overrun your world? The fate of your reality rests in your hands in 'Dimensional Defense: Glitch Assault'."