Everyone's Sky

"Embark on an interstellar odyssey in 'Everyones' Sky', where the fate of the galaxy lies in your hands. Choose your path: will you be a beacon of peace, forging alliances and unraveling the mysteries of distant planets and stars? Or will you embrace the chaos of war, engaging in fierce battles, evading planetary defenses, and plundering the riches of rival factions?

Navigate your spacecraft through the cosmos using the arrow keys, while unleashing devastating firepower with SPACE for blasters and ENTER for torpedoes. Engage in diplomacy or conflict with the tap of a key, as you complete missions, establish strategic outposts, and clash with pirates and rival civilizations.

Every decision you make shapes the destiny of the galaxy. Will you be hailed as a savior or feared as a conqueror in 'Everyones' Sky'?"