We have 1 dwarfs and 0 gold.

send on adventure
draft another dwarf
(1 gold)
hot coffee
(+20% dwarf speed, 10 gold)
automated adventuring
(20 gold)
red goes fasta!
(+10% dwarf speed, 25 gold)
illuminate the forest
(+30% forest speed, 25 gold)
turbo button
(2x automation speed, 30 gold)
intel core i9
(2x automation speed, 40 gold)
make dwarfs
work again
develop the wasteland
(+30% wasteland speed, 20 gold)
industrial revolution
(2x carry weight, 25 gold)
genetic modification
(+50% carry weight, 30 gold)
thinking with portals
(science, 60 gold)
build a time machine
(science, 90 gold)
go back in time
(and fix history)

Dwarfs have found an unimaginable amount of ale in the forest!

One hundred kegs of ale opened and one thousand toasts lifted to the great deeds of heroic warriors!

All work has ceased.


It is with a heavy heart that you call in an orbital strike on the dwarfs' position.

An unmanned weapons platform in the low orbit comes to life, its servos whirring softly as the cannons lock on.

Burning spears of light fall towards the forest below. High-explosive shells find their targets in a deadly gale of blazing destruction.